New YA Fiction from the author of ‘Itch’

A recommendation from Calorie Blackman (Noughts & Crosses) sounds promising ...

A recommendation from Malorie Blackman (Noughts & Crosses) sounds promising …

Many parents will know Simon Mayo as a Radio DJ that people of (ahem) my age will have grown older with over the last twenty or so years.  He teams up with Mark Kermode to make the funniest and most informative film review show on the radio – it’s great fun, even for people who don’t go to the cinema!  However, he’s also the author of the very highly-regarded ‘Itch‘ series of books for children.  Mayo’s recently published his first work for Young Adults, ‘Blame‘.

Imagine a dystopian world where all crimes have to be paid for:  if you get away with something, then your children will pay.  Then backdate that as far as you can go.  You can therefore be thrown into prison for the actions of your grandparents, and even further back!

Here are two links for those of you who find the idea intriguing.  In the first, Mayo talks about how the book came to be written as the result of a dream he had, and there’s an extract for you to read.  In the second, you’ll find a review by one of the Guardian’s teenage review panel, ‘confessionsofabooklover’ (great user-name).


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  1. Eleanor says:

    Wow. I would hate to live in that world… But would love to read it!

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