Literary Anniversaries: 16 August

Love/Hate relationship? This is one of the classics ...

Love/Hate relationship? This is one of the classics …

Today in 1949, Margaret Mitchell died in Atlanta, Georgia – the town of her birth, 49 years earlier.

Only one of Mitchell’s novels was published during her lifetime, but what a novel it is:  the remarkable and memorable Gone With The Wind (1936), which won the Pulitzer prize a year later.

If one work encapsulates the romance of the American South before the Civil War – despite it being built on racism and slavery – then this novel must be it.  As such, Y12 students of Tennessee Williams could do worse than to read it – I think it provides valuable insight into the character of Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.  Of course, another interesting link is that Vivien Leigh plays the leading female role in both texts!

An American Pride and Prejudice?  Not quite, but still worth reading for all that.


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