Quentin Blake talks about Roald Dahl

all-join-in-quentin-blakeIt’s hard to visualise any of Roald Dahl‘s books without the unmistakable style of Quentin Blake’s illustrations coming to mind.  They’re inseparable!

By clicking here, you can read the story of how Blake and Dahl got together, in Blake’s own words.  One of the details I love from the interview is how Dahl sent one of his sandals through the post for Blake to use as a model for the BFG’s shoes!  It’s often fascinating how decisions which we don’t even think about were agonised over as our favourite books were being written …


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2 comments on “Quentin Blake talks about Roald Dahl
  1. Eleanor says:

    That’s really nice. I have read lots of Dahls books, and cannot imagine them without Quentine Blake!

    • aguerrero says:

      Agreed. When I was your age I had a ‘Puffin Book of Jokes for Children’ which was also illustrated by Blake, and absolutely loved it. They bring so much energy to a text, I think!

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