‘The Long Walk’: to Bardsea, and beyond …

cover the long walkTo mark today’s school sponsored walk (which I’m told is about 8 miles), I wanted to share one of my favourite books about walking … once read, never forgotten, I promise you!

I can’t believe this book didn’t influence Suzanne Collins when she was writing The Hunger Games.

The  Long Walk‘ is the first novel that Stephen King finished, although it was published under the pseudonym ‘Richard Bachman‘.

Imagine a future society where teenage contestants can win literally anything their hearts desire for winning ‘The Walk’: the latest televised sports spectacle.  The premise is simple:  you start walking at 09:00am and you maintain a steady 4mph speed.  And, you keep walking.  If you dip below 4mph for 30 seconds you get a warning.  Three strikes and you ‘buy a ticket’ – a ticket to oblivion via a bullet …

Last boy standing wins.

[edit] for this of you who are interested, OUR walk was 9.1 miles in the end (our route appears below), and we did it at a moving average of 3.4mph!

Sponsored Walk 2016



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2 comments on “‘The Long Walk’: to Bardsea, and beyond …
  1. Eleanor says:

    I would not want to compete, I am not sporty, and I hate walking long distances!

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