Classic Hemingway on the Radio

blue marlinFor a limited time – about three weeks from the time of writing this – you can listen to The Old Man and the Sea, via the BBC.

Ernest Hemingway‘s deceptively simple tale seems to be about an ancient fisherman’s titanic struggle with a huge fish on the 85th day of a dry spell where he’s caught nothing.  The subtext, however, is far, far deeper than the ocean the fisherman is floating on, or the battle the old man faces with the beautiful but also monstrous fish …

The novel won the Pulitzer Prize and was said to have gone a long way to securing Hemingway’s Nobel prize.  Rather excitingly, it has been dramatised by the poet, Simon Armitage.




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4 comments on “Classic Hemingway on the Radio
  1. Jolyon Timewell says:

    Is that a narwhal?

  2. Eleanor says:

    Is this an allegory? I really like them, we’re doing them in English!
    This sounds like a brilliant show! I am going to try to listen to it! ?

    • aguerrero says:

      Really glad you’re enjoying allegories – my class started them on Tuesday and seemed to really enjoy the short story ‘The Giving Tree’. Allegories are absolutely everywhere, once you know what you’re looking for!

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