A Book I Recommend: Mrs. Bonnett

cover atonementI would definitely recommend reading Atonement by Ian McEwan.

Set in both the Second World War and present day, we follow Briony, a bright young girl with a flair for storytelling. As Briony matures, she reflects on her past through a different lens and realises that her childhood notions were marred with childish fantasies and imagination. If Briony’s childhood declaration could be changed, how different would the characters’ lives in the novel be?

Atonement is McEwan’s most popular book, and for good reason; you will not want to put it down. The book will cause a visceral reaction that will stay with you long after the pages are closed.


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9 comments on “A Book I Recommend: Mrs. Bonnett
  1. Layla says:

    I haven’t read this book but i will have a go at reading it 🙂 looks addictive and old but exiting!!!

  2. Eleanor says:

    I have never read this book but it looks really interesting, i might read it!

    • aguerrero says:

      It’s so interesting, with a massive twist at the end, Eleanor. Let us have a review if you read it, please.

  3. Abigail Price says:

    This sounds like a very good book!

  4. Carly Daley says:

    I think that this book sounds really good, and I would like to read it.

  5. Eleanor says:

    This book sounds really good! I will have to add it to my reading list! ?

  6. Eleanor says:

    Is this book in the Library? If so I will DEFINITELY be getting it out.

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