Year 10 Practice Exam

exam hallTomorrow morning, English kicks off the Year 10 Practice Exam season, and we wish all our students the best of luck.  Not that they’ll need it, of course …

Students will sit a 1 hour 45 minute paper which tests their Literary Fiction Reading and Writing skills.  The Reading section tests their comprehension skills as well as a student’s ability to analyse how a writer creates meaning and a response from the reader through use of language and the way the text is structured.  The Writing section then gives them an opportunity to show their expertise in using the same skills they have been analysing in someone else’s writing to create an engaging, ambitious and deliberately-crafted piece of fiction.

Here are my last-minute exam tips – actually, they’re applicable to ALL your exams, not just tomorrow:

Rule number 1 – always read the question carefully, and make sure you answer it!

Rule number 2 – keep an eye on time.  Don’t waste too much time answering the low-mark questions

Rule number 3 – remember to plan the substantial pieces of work:  Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail!

Rule number 4 – read your work back.  We all make careless errors!

Finally, remember that a few nerves are good.  The body produces adrenaline to enable you to perform at a higher level than usual.  Don’t allow nerves to take over, but accept that they are a help, not a hindrance.

Again, all your teachers wish you luck and look forward to reading your pieces!





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  1. Eleanor says:

    my brother is in doing the exam, i wish him luck (luke searle) 🙂

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