About Mr Thompson

Ulverston Victoria High School Head of Physics and Ogden Trust Teacher Fellow.

Awesome Bungee Jumpers

On the 28th June 2014, physics students from UVHS and Barrow Sixth Form College traveled to Lightwater Valley Theme Park to make 50m bungee jumps. The students had been studying the physics of bungee jumping and roller coasters and were all set to try them out for real.

Everyone jumped twice, once forward and once backwards. Huge thanks to the Ogden Trust for supporting this activity.

Physics in the Field

UVHS Physics students supported the Institute of Physics at the ‘Physics in the Field’ stand at IMAG0857 Holker Garden Festival on Sunday 1st June.

Over 250 children and their families were shown some simple physics demonstrations by Patrick Rigg and Harry Musker during the third day of the event.IMAG0858

The most popular activity was making and firing rockets using a compIMAG0862ressed air launcher .

Many thanks to PatIMAG0863rick and Harry for giving up their time to promote physics amongst the general public and to raise the profile of school.

Bungee Physics

Students in the Extension Physics group are investigating the physics of bungee jumping prior to a trip to Lightwater Valley to experience amusement park and bungee physics for themselves.

We started looking at the equations used to determine the ‘spring’ constant and initial length needed so that neither extreme acceleration or hitting the ground occur:

First calcs

We then used a simulation with springs and string, calculating the exact length needed so that a weight ‘just’ missed the floor: Energy calculations

See the video results below.


Meteorites and Moonrocks

Moon_2079572bDuring the week beginning 20th January the science department will have some meteorites from the Natural History Museum and samples of moon rock on loan from NASA.

Students will get the opportunity to see the samples in special assemblies and during lessons, and they will hear about what the rocks tell us about how the solar system was formed.

Family members of UVHS students can attend a presentation on Wednesday 22nd at 5.30pm in the school hall. Please phone 01229 483900 if you would like to attend.

The events surrounding the loan of the meteorites and lunar rocks are part of the science department’s continuing work with the Ogden Trust to provide enrichment opportunities for students across Furness and South Cumbria.

For more information email ath@ulverstonvictoria.cumbria.sch.uk

PictureschoolNov04 011An iron meteorite held by a UVHS student in 2004 when we last borrowed the samples.


Oops – that’s Apollo 17

If you have recently signed up here to receive updates on the Lunar Rock visits to UVHS you may have read the article in the UVHS newsletter that said the samples had been collected by Apollo 18.

There was of course no Apollo 18 (apart from the in the film of the same name). The rock samples which will be at UVHS in January were collected primarily during the Apollo 17 mission by Eugene Cernan and Harrison Scmitt.

Plans for this special week in January are well underway. Sign up on the right column of this page to get updates on how you can join in.