Student resources

Prospective students’ folder

The UVHS AS Physics Handbook v1.1

Year 13 Past papers, past paper questions by topic and mark schemes

All the wordy bits from AS and A2 written by the students. There’s a lot but it’s there to be learned. AS and A2

The year 13 formula sheet and data booklet

The year 12  data-formula-and-relationships-booklet

The Khan Academy

DrPhysicsA (Highly recommended)

The Feynman Lectures Volume 1 online – excellent for reading around a topic and deepening your knowledge and understanding.

List of suggested reading – needs tidying up a bit but titles and authors are there

Lancaster University Masterclasses

More to be added….

If you would like to see something else here, leave a comment below.

  • Ben Rhodes

    Hi just wondering where the practical assessment work is regarding the viscosity of Glycerine. Mr. Salton assured is it was here.

    • Ben Rhodes

      It isn’t here