Year 13 BDAE Bursary

If you are considering a career in Engineering and would like to be considered for a £100 bursary from Barrow and District Association of Engineers then complete the application form available from Mr Thompson and return it to him by 3:30pm on the 9th October.

Consideration will be given to extra-curricular engineering related activities as well as academic performance.

Any questions – ask Mr T.

Robin Catchpole Lecture Weds 6th

Dear All,

This lecture is earlier than normal this year so I have been caught by surprise – sorry for the short notice.

Robin Catchpole, an astronomer from Cambridge University gives a lecture in the Forum in Barrow every year. If you have any interest in astronomy / cosmology this is unmissable.

7.30pm – Main Hall – Forum – Barrow – Weds 6th September

Mr T

Year 13 – unifying physics paper

Dear Year 13 – please remember that everyone in the country sat the same paper as you and that you are up against everyone else’s performance, you are not up against the paper.

I haven’t seen it yet but as everyone thought it was hard (nationally) the grade boundaries will be suitably low.

Mr Rice and I have every confidence in you. You have been a fantastic year 13 group and I am not expecting any surprises in the Summer ESPECIALLY not as a result of one bad paper.

Take care, enjoy the Summer and if you haven’t returned your text book yet – DO IT NOW!!!


Mr T

Textbook returns

YEAR 13 – Please return your textbook TO MR THOMPSON as soon as your last exam is over. You must be crossed off a list so don’t give it to anyone else or leave it anywhere.
Thank you.

Year 12 – you may keep hold of your book in order to help complete the terminal velocity project but the above applies to you before the end of term. If you are leaving before the end of the year for any reason, then return your book TO MR THOMPSON before you go.

Thank you.