12D Catch-up

Dear Member of 12D

As mentioned in today’s lesson. I will be running a catch-up session in A21 on the 5th January to cover for the missed lesson the previous day. This will mean that you will have the same number of lessons as my other teaching groups and as a result you will not be at a disadvantage in your mock exams the following week.

The session will start at 12:35 prompt and will probably last the whole of lunch. Please feel free to bring sandwiches if you need them

Mr Salton

Y12 AS Student Attendance…!

It would appear that some members of the Y12 Physics AS course have gained an incorrect impression that attendance at lessons is no longer obligatory. As I explained in your most recent lesson following the final exam we are in the process of undertaking some practical skills lessons the outcome of which is to develop ESSENTIAL skills in Y12s moving into Y13. Can I make it absolutely clear that…


…unless you have been given EXPRESS and PERSONAL permission to be absent from a lesson BY THE TEACHER OF THAT LESSON giving a reasonable amount of notice of your absence. Do not expect that we will pick up information of your absence from anywhere else and do not send someone with your excuses.

Absences will be rigorously followed up.

Mr Salton

Future Engineers Competition

We have been given a great opportunity to participate in a scheme being run by the Engineering Department at Lancaster University. This will take the form of a challenge set by the department which is to be solved by small teams who will work with my support to produce a Powerpoint presentation and poster on their solution. This will then be presented at the university during a conference later in the year.

This link will take you to a poster Tidal Energy from the university describing the event. They willl be visiting school to present the challenge later this month.

If you are considering studying any form of engineering degree this even will look fantastic on UCAS applications..!

This event is open to both Y12 and Y13 Students.

Cheers: Mr Salton


Quantum Mechanics Lecture and Feedback

Attention All Y12 Physics Students

There will be a meeting / lecture in A23 as a closing event for the research project which you have been working on over that past few weeks. A guest speaker from Lancaster University will be giving a brief talk on “Quantum tunnelling” and you will also be able to feed back to her on your understanding of the double slit paradox and hopefully get some more enlightened feedback than I can give…!

As a guest speaker will be coming to school I do expect FULL attendance. I understand the band members are on tour but other than that you should all be here. If you cannot make it for any REALLY good reason YOU should come to my lab and PERSONALLY LET ME KNOW that you will not be able to attend.

I will take a very dim view of anyone who does not do this.

Mr Salton

Feynman lecture on the double slit paradox.

Dan Cape found this and though that you might find it useful when researching Feynman’s work on the particle / wave nature of the electron…


Thanks Dan

If any of you have any other reference that you would like me to share please forward them to me at


and I will blog them

Mr Salton

Addendum to previous post…!

For those not in my lessons this week the June 2011 Mechanics Materials and Waves paper is printed out and can be collected from the bench immediately on the right hand side of my lab door. Come in and help yourself if I am not here. Of course it can also be downloaded. I expect this completed for the first week back (see previous post)


Mr S

Y12 Half Term Revision Support

Good luck to all of you revising for your final AS unit 2 paper on the 9th June (second Monday back). You all have past papers to complete for me for your return but if you need any assistance with these or anything else over the break please drop me a line on GSa@ulverstonvictoria.cumbria.sch.uk.

If you are having problems with a specific question take a snap of the page and attach it to the email with your answer.

I will check my emails daily and get back to you as soon as I can.

It will also help if you include a contact phone number so I can ring you if I need to.

All the best
Mr Salton