Year 12 – what might be in the depth paper?

Attached is  tick list of the chapters covered in the breadth paper on Tuesday.

AS Breadth topics covered

The same topics can come up again in the depth paper but it is likely that if a topic has not been covered at all in the first paper then it will be in the second.

This is a list of topics which hardly appeared or didn’t appear at all in the breadth paper:

 Velocity- time graphs, suvat, stopping distances, free fall, terminal velocity, density and pressure, mechanical power and efficiency, N1 and N3. Kirchoff’s laws, pd and emf, resistivity, the electron gun, paying for electricity, reflection and refraction, total internal refraction, polarisation, harmonics, comparisons of photon and waves models.

Remember – exams are not passed or failed on the day, they are passed or failed in the months, weeks and days leading up to the exam.

If you found the breadth paper straightforward it does not mean that the depth paper will be.

Good luck.