Feynman lecture on the double slit paradox.

Dan Cape found this and though that you might find it useful when researching Feynman’s work on the particle / wave nature of the electron…


Thanks Dan

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Mr Salton

Bungee Jumping Trip

28th June at Lightwater Valley Theme Park

This trip is now open to all sixth form physics students. The cost is £45 which includes transport, a bungee jump, entrance to the park and all rides and attractions.

A form must be collected, filled in and returned to Mr Thompson. Places are limited and it’s first come first served.

Mr T

Year 13 Timetable

From today up until the 19th June the following timetable to applies to ALL classes and you should attend whenever you are available:

Mon 1+2 ATh A22   Mon 6 NRi A21

Tues 3+4 ATh A22  Tue 5+6 NRi A21

Wed 1+2 ATh A22 NB ATh not available period3

Thurs 1+2+3+4 ATh A22

Fri 1+2+3 NRi A21