Well it was really nice to see so many questions on Friday that we went through on Wednesday!
As far as the Unified paper is concerned I can’t make any predictions. Pretty much everything has been covered to some level in the 2 papers so far so everything is up for grabs in the final paper.

PLEASE bring your text books on Friday – make sure your name is on them otherwise I will be chsing you for them next week

Best of luck for Friday,
Mr T

YEAR 12 – What wasn’t on paper1?

Well paper 1 pretty much covered most of waves but don’t count on there being NO waves on Friday. Polarisation wasn’t touched and standing waves only came up in the multiple choice.

I would be very surprised if there was any more archimedes, resolving forces, resisitivity or Hookes Law on Friday. Acceleration and motion graphs were also pretty well covered.

The elctricity questions were brief so don’t be surprised if some more electricity turns up.

So what’s left? Photoelectric effect, moments and projectiles are the three big omissions and if for some reason I could only revise three topics before Friday it would be these three.

There was no practical method either so expect a meaty experimental method question.

Good luck,

Mr T


Lancaster Uni Masterclasses

These are a brilliant chance to boost your personal statement, sample university physics and help your understanding if AS and A2 physics.

Details here:

Apply online at


Year 13 BDAE Bursary

If you are considering a career in Engineering and would like to be considered for a £100 bursary from Barrow and District Association of Engineers then complete the application form available from Mr Thompson and return it to him by 3:30pm on the 9th October.

Consideration will be given to extra-curricular engineering related activities as well as academic performance.

Any questions – ask Mr T.

Robin Catchpole Lecture Weds 6th

Dear All,

This lecture is earlier than normal this year so I have been caught by surprise – sorry for the short notice.

Robin Catchpole, an astronomer from Cambridge University gives a lecture in the Forum in Barrow every year. If you have any interest in astronomy / cosmology this is unmissable.

7.30pm – Main Hall – Forum – Barrow – Weds 6th September

Mr T