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REMINDER -Production Rehearsals this week

Monday 12th March

Lunchtime:   FULL CAST in the drama studio

Form time:   Chamber Choir in Stoller Suite

3.30-5.30:     FULL CAST (rehearsing together at start and then in groups afterwards)

Tuesday 13th March

Lunchtime:   FULL CAST in the drama studio

3.30-5.30:     FULL CAST (rehearsing together at start and then in groups afterwards)

Wednesday 14th March

12.35pm:      FULL CAST, TECH CREW, DANCE CLUB meet in drama studio to walk down to The Coro with packed lunch, snacks, water and ‘costumes’

1pm-7pm:    TECH & DRESS rehearsal at The Coro

(Year 11, Chamber Choir and Big Band come down at 3.30pm with snacks and ‘costumes’)


Raffle – HELP!

We need some raffle prizes for ‘A Night At The Musicals’   –  we will hold a raffle both nights.  If you can donate anything, please send it in to Mr Butler or Mr Vogler on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, is anyone willing/able to run the raffle on Thursday or Friday   –   please let Mr Butler know if you can help ( ).  You would need to be in the foyer from 6.45-7.30pm, and then during the interval as well.  The raffle will then be drawn during the second half.

Very Proud Music Dept

Very proud of our former musicians at the Albert Hall over the last few days:  Rob Norrie (Mrs Norrie’s son and Braden Jackson’s uncle) on trumpet; Ruth Wardle (formerly Ruth Tarr) playing an amazing solo; and Sergeant Andy Spain having his composition/arrangement of Sunset  during the finale.

Friends of UVHS Performing Arts

There will be a Friends meeting on Tuesday 27th March at 6pm in the Meeting Room.  All parents are welcome to attend.

Items up for discussion include:  review of school production and planning for 2019; Swing Band tour 2018; Wind Band tour 2019; sponsorship/fundraising; theatre lighting in the hall.


Please, please, please  –  whether you/your child is involved in the school production or not, come to ‘A Night At The Musicals’ next Thursday or Friday and encourage as many friends/family/colleagues as possible in order to get big (and at least cost neutral) audiences.

The quality of what will be on stage is amazing and a fantastic evening’s entertainment for all ages.

Tickets can be purchased online here:

UVHS: A Night at the Musicals


Show Rehearsals

TOMORROW (Wed) – full cast at lunchtime and IF enough members of groups can get together they can rehearse after school.  If not, do not worry

THURSDAY – same as Wednesdays details

FRIDAY – full cast at lunchtime.  Nothing after school as Swing Band have a concert in Grange

IMPORTANT!! Production rehearsals

Due to today’s closure, rehearsals for the next 2 days are now….

Thursday lunch  –  full cast in the Drama Studio for ‘Mamma Mia’

Thursday after school  –  full cast in the hall for a run through of all the group/solo/duet performances

Friday lunch  –  ALL group rehearsals

Please make sure everyone is there – contact group members via social media etc.  As Year 10s are out next week it is imperative that everyone is there tomorrow and Friday.

A Night At The Musicals

Some brilliant work going on in rehearsals this evening.  Please publicise as far and as wide as possible – we want as big an audience as we can get to make the atmosphere on the 15th and 16th March as lively as possible.

Definitely some songs to sing along to / cabaret seating / full bar … what’s not to like?????? A great night out for all ages.

Feel free to use the attached poster either to print and display or to share on Facebook etc.