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Year 13 podcast for upcoming Stuarts essay

Hi Year 13

Please follow this link to a fantastic podcast http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/barry-coward.mp3 (featuring Barry Coward!) it might be of interest for your upcoming Stuarts essay on Cromwell as a military dictator. It pretty much debates your question and shows that a balanced answer to this question is essential.

I would definitely recommend listening to it before you attempt the essay.


Mrs Simpson

Year 12 Stuarts 02/03 Essay Advice

Hi Year 12!

I hope you are having a productive weekend and that you are managing to get some Stuarts revision done!

I have written a short document to remind you of my essay writing advice for the 02/03 style questions on the Stuarts exam. You can find it here:Advice for answering AS Stuarts 02. Please have a look through it before Wednesday.

If you need anything in preparation for the exam you can contact me by email or come and see me in school on Monday-Wednesday next week.

Keep working hard, we’re almost there!

Mrs Simpson

Year 12 – Stuarts Task: Reluctant Regicides?

In your spare time listen to this podcast from the National Archives. It provides some interesting and current historiographical debate around the trial of Charles I. As you listen you should make some notes on the arguments for the regicides (killers of the king) being ‘reluctant’ and the arguments against.



Mrs Simpson