Year 13 International Relations Revision

Hi Year 13!

Here is a link to the revision timetables for your remaining history lessons:

2016 revision for 13D

2016 revision for 13A

Also here is a link to the list of past questions for this course. If you fancy having a go at any of these as part of your revision, you can give them to me or Ms Lomas in person or email them to either of us and we will mark them to provide feedback.

Cold War exam questions

Happy revising!

Mrs Simpson and Ms Lomas

Year 12 Stuarts Revision

Hi Year 12

I’ve attached links to the revision timetable for your Stuarts lessons here:

12B Stuarts Revision Plan 2016

12C Stuarts Revision Plan 2016

Below is a document about how to revise for the Stuarts course. It contains some example questions that you could have a go at. If you tackle any of these please feel free to email them to me or give them to me in person and I will mark them to help you revise.

History Year 12 Stuart Britain Revision

Happy revision!

Mrs Simpson

Year 12 – Stuarts Task: Reluctant Regicides?

In your spare time listen to this podcast from the National Archives. It provides some interesting and current historiographical debate around the trial of Charles I. As you listen you should make some notes on the arguments for the regicides (killers of the king) being ‘reluctant’ and the arguments against.


Mrs Simpson