Year 13 podcast for upcoming Stuarts essay

Hi Year 13

Please follow this link to a fantastic podcast (featuring Barry Coward!) it might be of interest for your upcoming Stuarts essay on Cromwell as a military dictator. It pretty much debates your question and shows that a balanced answer to this question is essential.

I would definitely recommend listening to it before you attempt the essay.


Mrs Simpson

Year 12 Stuarts – last minute exam advice

Hi Year 12

Attached is the powerpoint from my lesson with you today. Revision lesson 2 #religion James I and Charles I and 01 style questions it contains advice on how to answer the 01 style question and the feedback from the religion 01 question you did last week.

Remember, if you have any queries please do email me.

I hope your revision goes well this weekend.

Mrs Simpson

Year 13 – Stuarts exam technique powerpoints

Hi Year 13

Please find attached the two powerpoints about the technique for answering Stuarts exam questions.

Y13 Stuarts Revision 2 Essay Questions

Y13 Stuarts Revision 3 01 Questions

Remember you can produce answers at home to any of the questions on your revision sheet and email me or drop them off with me and I will mark them and give you feedback.

Keep working hard!

Mrs Simpson