Year 13 NEA interesting links

Hi Year 13

I mentioned a while ago a useful website to find primary sources for your NEA. Click here to view the Modern History Sourcebook hosted by the Fordham University.

Also I subscribe to the podcast from the BBC History Magazine and the episode released this week may be of interest for your NEA if you are doing something on The Holocaust. It is called ‘The Big Questions of the Holocaust’ and is an interview with historian Laurence Rees (creater of ‘The Nazis: a Warning from History’). Click here to take a look.

I hope these are useful.

Mrs Simpson

Year 12 Stuarts 02/03 Essay Advice

Hi Year 12!

I hope you are having a productive weekend and that you are managing to get some Stuarts revision done!

I have written a short document to remind you of my essay writing advice for the 02/03 style questions on the Stuarts exam. You can find it here:Advice for answering AS Stuarts 02. Please have a look through it before Wednesday.

If you need anything in preparation for the exam you can contact me by email or come and see me in school on Monday-Wednesday next week.

Keep working hard, we’re almost there!

Mrs Simpson

Year 12 – Stuarts helpful website

Hi Year 12

Here is a link to a helpful website ‘The BCW Project’ that provides a detailed overview of events and key people in the time period 1638-1660, so it is good for revising the causes and events of the Civil War, search for settlement and Regicide. It has timelines of events, biographies of key people from the time period and some useful articles (some of which have links at the bottom to transcripts of original documents from the time!). Have a look!

Mrs Simpson