Year 13 – The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

Hi Year 13,

On this page you will find lots of materials to help you with the water cycle and water insecurity topic. It is really important to do some extra research and reading to help you deepen your knowledge of the themes we cover in class. On the link below you will find links to extra reading materials and lesson materials to help you. They are not a substitute for coming to the lessons, but will provide a useful resource to go alongside your class notes and textbooks.

Lesson Materials and Extra Resources

Revision Resources and Exam Questions

I will also put up some links to interesting news articles and links on the blog!

Some to get you started …

Water Cycle Info from USGS:

Video clip about fossil water:

News article about flood defences:

News article about Storm Desmond flooding:

News article about Storm Desmond flooding:

News article about Houston flooding:

Articles from geographical magazine around the topic ‘water’:

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