Year 13 – Superpower lesson resources 2016

If a resource is missing, let me know….

Many of these Powerpoints were originally taken off the excellent Edexcel NING. I am very grateful and hope this blog goes some way to giving something back. If you are the original author and wish anything to be removed please contact me at the address on the blog home page.

Lesson 1 – Defining superpowers

Lesson 2 – Categorising Superpowers and emerging powers

Lesson 3 – Superpower characteristics

Lesson 4 – Colonialism

Blank keywords to complete

Lesson 5 – British Empire discussion

Lesson 6 – Cold War beginnings. Rise of the ‘superpowers’

Student presentations on key events in the Cold War

Lesson 7 – Hard vs Soft power

Lesson 8 – Superpower theories

Lesson 9 – Rise of China

Lesson 10 – BRICs and MINTs

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