GCSE revision page (Old Spec)

We follow the Edexcel GCSE Geography A exam board.

You can access the syllabus here.

Here is a link to ALL past UNIT 3 papers to help you prepare for your mock exams in February. Mark schemes are included.

Link to all past question papers here. Remember that Unit 1 is Geographical skills and climate change, Unit 2 is Physicalgeography – Do the Coasts, Rivers Tectonics and Wasteful world topics. Unit 3 is Human geography – Do the Population, Economic Change, Settlement and Tourist World topics. The questions can be easily selected
from the right hand menu.

Specific case study revision material is available for nearly all of our topics here. These are case studies that will not be in the Edexcel revision books as they specific ones that we have chosen to study. You need to use these notes in conjunction with the work in your book to get in the detail.  Each file is a PDF and can be accessed via Google Drive.

Revision material for the Challenges for the Planet and Geographical Skills sections can be found here. It includes information on climate change and tropical rainforest management.

Please contact Miss Mardell if you are struggling to open any of the links and remember you can buy a Revision Workbook from either Miss Mardell or Mr Mitchell to help with your revision!

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