Year 12 – Reading Homework for TRE

Hi Year 12,

Just a reminder that you were set reading homework last week that is due on Friday 5th October. You should have read the ‘Measuring Globalisation’ GeoFactsheet and completed the review questions.

This week’s reading task is to be done by Friday 12th October.  I would like you to choose at least one article to read. Please print out or just take some notes,  and of course, you are welcome to read more! The links to articles are posted below, as well as a link to the Michael Palin documentary on North Korea and the Panorama documentary.

Should be plenty to keep you busy,

Geofile – global shift

Mr. Reader

Yr13 Homework for TRE

Hi Yr13 (TRE’s class – 13A),

Firstly, just a reminder that you were set a short and long answer exam question for homework in Tuesday’s double lesson. This is due on Tuesday 2nd October.

Secondly, you will be set some reading work in tomorrow’s lesson. You need to click on the link below and read the article. Then either print it out and highlight the impact of subsidence and the causes of subsidence in two different colours. Or you should produce two quick bullet pointed lists: ‘Impacts of subsidence in Jakarta’ and ‘Causes of subsidence in Jakarta’. This is due on Friday 5th October.

Mr Reader

Yr12 NEA stuff and Mock Exam Question Task

Hi Yr12,

For those of you not in lessons last week due to trips etc. please find the slides for both of my lessons attached. This includes your homework  task which is to redo the regenerating places 20 marker, having fully planned it. This is due the first lesson back after the summer holidays. See guidance on the power-point.

Year 12 Mock Exam Feedback 2018 (This ppt includes your HW task)

Lesson 6 – Analysis

See you for fieldwork this week!

Mr. Reader

Year 11 Paper 3 Revision

Hi Year 11,

Please find some materials to help you revise for Paper 3 on Monday. Most of these resources you will have paper copies of from lessons, but I have put them here in case any of you were away or had other exams.

Fieldwork Revision Sheets

Paper 3 on a page

GCSE Fieldwork Revision Guide Part 1

GCSE Fieldwork Revision Guide Part 2

GCSE UK Challenges Revision Guide

Paper 3 Revision Session Booklet

Good luck and happy revising!

Mr. Reader

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