Year 12

Another post Year 12!

As promised here are the notes from today’s lesson about regional, national, global and international influences on Ulverston. This must be finished in your own time along with the research sheet about how Ulverston has changed and the IMD comparison table (for those that were away on Wednesday).

Ulverston Completed Sheet


Mr. Reader

Year 13 – The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Hi Year 13,

Just a few reminders and things to let you know about what is coming up:

  • Please remember folders as I will be doing a folder check tomorrow to check all the water cycle stuff is all up to date!
  • I will mark the end of topic tests you did today ready for your lesson next week.
  • We start our new topic tomorrow – the new page is ready to go on the blog, make sure you know where to find stuff!
  • Below is a link to the master class on the carbon cycle. It is based in the Lake District. I would like all of you to watch it as it is excellent for this topic. I will let you know more about it in tomorrow’s lesson, but here is the link:


Mr. Reader

Year 12 Glaciation – Homework

Hi all

12D (triple Monday group), you are being set this homework tomorrow – use the link at the bottom of the document to answer the questions. This can be done on the document and then printed to go in your folders – I will explain more tomorrow.

12A – after missing 2 lessons last week due to me unable to get in on Thursday morning because of the weather and the early closure, you actually aren’t being set this homework until next week. Please make sure you acknowledge this is here though – I would save the document to your own drive as soon as possible so you don’t ‘lose’ this post!!

3 Homework on Greenland Ice Sheet

Miss Mardell

Year 12 – Regenerating Places

Hi Year 12,

For the first lesson in our new topic we will be in the computer rooms, it would be useful in preparation for this topic that you could have a look at these slides, and the datashine website. We will be comparing Ulverston and Salford Quays, which are the chosen case studies for this topic on regeneration!

Lesson 1 Slides

Miss Bosson’s Class: N1, p4 (Tuesday 14th November)

Mr Reader’s Class: A15a, p2 (Thursday 16th November)


Y13 Superpowers

Advance warning Y13!

Tomorrow we are looking at tensions over territory with a focus on Russia’s western border and the South & East China Seas. However, it is noted in the textbook about tensions on the Pakistan/India border and so there is an article below to get you started on some additional reading. I will remind you in the lesson tomorrow, but make sure you complete this task in your own time to help with those ‘assess’ style questions – case studies are important!!

In addition, here are some links (this list is not exhaustive) to read further into tensions on Russia’s western border and the South & East China Seas.

See you tomorrow!

Miss Mardell

Yr13 Geography

Hi Yr13,

In preparation for a 20 mark question you are going to be set tomorrow or Thursday, I have some links to some useful articles about water insecurity. For this longer question, it would be brilliant to see evidence of wider reading. I don’t expect you to read everything here, but the first three links are good.

Groundwater Geofile – Extra Reading

Saltwater Intrustion – Los Angeles

Mr. Reader

Year 13 NEA Info

Hi all

We will go through the presentation in lesson on Monday, but I would highly recommend you have a look at this before hand. There are useful links in the PowerPoint and I have included a very useful set of sentence starters that are well worth a look.

Reminder that you should be coming to lessons next week with the beginnings of data presentation.

Word Bank

Data presentation and analysis

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Miss Mardell

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