GCSE Course Information and Revision Materials

We follow the Edexcel GCSE Geography A (2016) course at UVHS. Please click here on the link below to access the specification for the course:

Sample Assessment Materials (practise exam questions) can be found here and we anticipate more to be added as the years progress. You can always ask for exam style questions from your class teacher 

Remember that:

Paper 1 is The Physical Environment including The Changing Landscapes of the UK (Rivers & Coasts), Weather Hazards &Climate Change and Ecosystems, Biodiversity & Management.

Paper 2 is The Human Environment including Changing Cities (Manchester and Sao Paulo case studies), Global Development (Tanzania case study) and Resource Management (Energy Resource Management).

Paper 3 is Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork and UK Challenges including questions about your physical geography fieldwork (rivers) and your human geography fieldwork (urban town/city).

If you click on the links for the case studies above you will find revision materials for you to access. Remember we cover school specific case studies and these won’t necessarily be found in the Edexcel Revision Guides. Each file can be accessed via Google Drive.

Information, resources and links for A level and GCSE geographers at UVHS. Some of the content has been adapted from resources on the Edexcel Geography Ning – we are exceedingly grateful and hope this blog works to provide ideas and support for other Geography teachers as well as pupils.