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Year 13 Revision

To find revision resources / sample exam questions for the Water Cycle topic (this will be the topic for Miss Bosson’s / Mr Reader’s side of the course in the January mock) click on the Water Cycle tab, and there is a link you can follow. Here you will also find a revision checklist for the topic and a list of the case studies you need to learn.

Year 13 Revision (TRE)

Please find attached a list of all the case studies for the water cycle topic, so you can start to plan your revision. You will get a paper copy in Friday’s lesson. A reminder, we will be competing the topic test on Tuesday 13th November. It will consist of 10 mark keywords test, and a 20 mark unseen essay.

Water Cycle and Water Insecurity Case Study Table

Also, this recent news article should be of interest to you as we’ve recently discussed mega dams!

Mr. Reader

Y12 Tectonics

The article below is about ‘successes’ of the Sendai Framework and looks at what an earthquake-proof city could look like if it successfully implemented ideas from the framework itself.

I have also attached a link to the full Sendai Framework – you only received a small part of it in the lesson today!

Happy revising!

Miss Mardell

Y13 Migration – Inequalities Homework

Your homework is to make notes under the following headings using pages 39 – 54 (the actual pages on the document are 35 – 50):

  1. How is extreme inequality a barrier to poverty reduction?
  2. How does extreme inequality undermine growth?
  3. How does inequality hinder poverty-reducing potential of growth?
  4. How does economic inequality compound gender inequality?
  5. How does economic inequality drive inequalities in health, education and life chances?
  6. How does extreme inequality threaten society?

I would highly recommend reading the whole article as well as the bits you need specifically for these questions.

I would like to see that you have completed this work during NEA week next week.

Miss Mardell

Year 12 – Reading Homework for TRE

Hi Year 12,

Just a reminder that you were set reading homework last week that is due on Friday 5th October. You should have read the ‘Measuring Globalisation’ GeoFactsheet and completed the review questions.

This week’s reading task is to be done by Friday 12th October.  I would like you to choose at least one article to read. Please print out or just take some notes,  and of course, you are welcome to read more! The links to articles are posted below, as well as a link to the Michael Palin documentary on North Korea and the Panorama documentary.

Should be plenty to keep you busy,

Geofile – global shift

Mr. Reader

Yr13 Homework for TRE

Hi Yr13 (TRE’s class – 13A),

Firstly, just a reminder that you were set a short and long answer exam question for homework in Tuesday’s double lesson. This is due on Tuesday 2nd October.

Secondly, you will be set some reading work in tomorrow’s lesson. You need to click on the link below and read the article. Then either print it out and highlight the impact of subsidence and the causes of subsidence in two different colours. Or you should produce two quick bullet pointed lists: ‘Impacts of subsidence in Jakarta’ and ‘Causes of subsidence in Jakarta’. This is due on Friday 5th October.

Mr Reader