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Year 13 NEA

Good morning all,

I hope the last minute touches to your NEA are going smoothly. Just a few reminders for you:

  • Use the NEA help tab on the blog – there is a student friendly checklist but also a PDF of the actual mark scheme we will use to mark your NEAs. It is marked /70.
  • A reminder that the data presentation, analysis and evaluation of methods and the conclusions & overall evaluation of the investigation sections are the heaviest weighted at 24 marks each.
  • There are examples of good NEAs on the Edexcel website, check them out if you’re still not sure about structure
  • Remember that each page must have your name, candidate number and centre number at the top.
  • Try to number all pages and include a contents page.
  • Include references at the back and I would recommend a cover page with your title, name, candidate number and centre number.
  • Your deadline is the first Tuesday back after half term – make effective use of your time on Monday to print and get yourselves organised.

Good luck – you’re almost there!

Yr12 – PC Room Task – Case Study Research:

We will complete this task in the computer room tomorrow (Fri 1st Feb)

For you exam you need to have some case studies to show the role of local government in attracting investors. You are going to create two A4 sheets to print. Use the links below to create factsheet 1, and p251 / your own internet research to create factsheet 2.

  • Factsheet 1: Manchester Enterprise Zone / Airport City
  • Factsheet 2: Cambridge Science Park

For each factsheet outline:

  • How local government is involved in the plans
  • Which investors / companies have been attracted by the policies
  • The benefits of this investment and importance of each site globally.

Manchester Airport City