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Year 12 – Independent Investigation

Hi Year 12,

Please note that for tomorrow’s lesson (p3) we will not be in the PC room, and will be in my classroom. In this lesson we will be doing a session on methods, as on your literature review instructions it says to indicate potential methods for your proposal. I have attached these as a reminder and the slides being used tomorrow below.

We are setting a deadline for completion of the literature review on Thursday 24th May by p2.

Literature Review Worksheet

2. Independent Investigation – The Methods

Get reading!

Mr. Reader

Year 13 Revision

Hi Year 13,

I hope you have had a great break. Just to make you aware we will be starting revision sessions on Monday, and I have planned to start with Globalisation. Please bring the Yr12 books with the glacier on the front / your notes from last year to the sessions for this coming week. If you happen to see this message please pass it on to other members of the group if you can!

Something else that you might find useful is a link to exam-style questions / revision checklists on the tabs above!

See you Monday!

Mr. Reader

Exam Technique Session

I’ve just planned the exam technique session for this week, so thought I would remind you on here in case you had forgotten. This week it is on Globalisation, so will be useful for Yr12 and 13. The question we will be planning is: Assess the impacts of the global shift on one named country (12 marks). 

Hope to see you there!!

Mr. Reader

Exam Technique Session

Hi Year 12 and 13,

Just a reminder that this Thurs, p4 (S4) there will be another exam technique session. This week it is on Regenerating Places (so your current topic Yr12!).

The question we will be looking at is: Evaluate the reasons why some places are ‘economically successful’, while others are not (20 marks).

Please let me know if you would like to come so I can get an idea of how many resources I need to print off.


Mr. Reader