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Yr12 – PC Room Task – Case Study Research:

We will complete this task in the computer room tomorrow (Fri 1st Feb)

For you exam you need to have some case studies to show the role of local government in attracting investors. You are going to create two A4 sheets to print. Use the links below to create factsheet 1, and p251 / your own internet research to create factsheet 2.

  • Factsheet 1: Manchester Enterprise Zone / Airport City
  • Factsheet 2: Cambridge Science Park

For each factsheet outline:

  • How local government is involved in the plans
  • Which investors / companies have been attracted by the policies
  • The benefits of this investment and importance of each site globally.

Manchester Airport City


Yr13 (TRE’s Class)


Tuesday’s lesson will be a normal lesson working on the carbon cycle topic. I’ve attached some interesting links that you can start looking at for our work on alternatives to fossil fuels.

Solar Power:

Wind Power:

Nuclear Power:


And also in the news over the weekend, this story which has links to our work on energy pathways:

Mr Reader

Year 13 Revision

Please find the slides from yesterday’s lesson on the water cycle revision page. They include my plans for the two questions, but remember that there are a number of case studies and different approaches to these questions.

Also remember that if you would like to complete an exam question and send it over, I will mark it and give you some quick feedback if this helps with your revision.

Year 13 Revision

To find revision resources / sample exam questions for the Water Cycle topic (this will be the topic for Miss Bosson’s / Mr Reader’s side of the course in the January mock) click on the Water Cycle tab, and there is a link you can follow. Here you will also find a revision checklist for the topic and a list of the case studies you need to learn.

Year 13 Revision (TRE)

Please find attached a list of all the case studies for the water cycle topic, so you can start to plan your revision. You will get a paper copy in Friday’s lesson. A reminder, we will be competing the topic test on Tuesday 13th November. It will consist of 10 mark keywords test, and a 20 mark unseen essay.

Water Cycle and Water Insecurity Case Study Table

Also, this recent news article should be of interest to you as we’ve recently discussed mega dams!

Mr. Reader