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Y13 Glaciated Landscapes

Hi all

Possibly your final blog post from me! I have found the features organiser we discussed in lessons last week which you can find attached. Remember these are the ones mentioned in the specification, but we have also learnt about others which could be useful in your exam.

Features A3 sheet

A final reminder that if you would like to send any 12 or 20 markers over for marking, you’re more than welcome.

Happy revising!

See you on Monday.

Miss Mardell

Year 11 Fieldwork Revision Information

Remember your Paper 3 Exam is the 2nd week back after half term and includes UK Challenges and Fieldwork Investigations. 

We will be revising fieldwork content in lessons this week and first week back – you will also get a hard copy of these. Lancaster and Sedbergh (Rivers) are attached, but remember this is only basic information and should be supported by using your fieldwork folders.

Fieldwork Revision Sheets

Miss Mardell

Year 11 Revision

Just a reminder that you can access case study resources on all of our case studies by clicking on the GCSE COURSE INFORMATION AND REVISION MATERIALS tab above!!

These are constantly being updated (starting with the Paper 1 case studies first as this will be your first paper). Make effective use of them as we don’t always cover case studies that are in revision guides!

Miss Mardell & Mr Reader


Year 13 Inequality Homework

Hi Y13,

Your homework is to make notes under the following headings using pages 39 – 54 (the actual pages on the document are 35 – 50):

  1. How is extreme inequality a barrier to poverty reduction?
  2. How does extreme inequality undermine growth?
  3. How does inequality hinder poverty-reducing potential of growth?
  4. How does economic inequality compound gender inequality?
  5. How does economic inequality drive inequalities in health, education and life chances?
  6. How does extreme inequality threaten society?

This is a really interesting read even for such a small part of the Migration, Identity & Sovereignty topic so please read more if you get the chance! We will be discussing the answers to the questions above on Monday. 

Miss Mardell

Y12 Yosemite National Park

Here is the full 76 page document if you need to catch up on any notes/want to add extra detail.

Please remember to identify who the stakeholders are for each ‘decision’ and highlight the strategies to say whether they are business as usual, sustainable exploitation, sustainable management or comprehensive conservation – at the end, see which strategy they have used the most and think about why this might be.

You know where to find me if you need help.

Miss Mardell.

Additional Exam Technique Sessions

Hello Y12 & Y13,

Mr Reader & myself are offering additional sessions on exam technique in Geography on a Thursday P4 in S4 (my teaching room). The proposed timetable for between now and Easter can be found below.

Timetable for exam technique practice

These are not compulsory sessions, however if you have struggled to get to grips with the exam technique at A Level (12 & 20 mark questions) then we would strongly recommend you attend. We will be asking for a list of people who wish to attend at the start of each week.

If you have other lessons at this time, we will make the resources from each session available on here. We are willing to mark any work you complete as part of these additional sessions 🙂

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Miss Mardell.