Factors influencing climate and cold environments

Mr Monteith’s lesson on Wednesday 25th June focused on global environmental factors that influence the development of cold climates. We focused on:



3.Continent/ocean interaction

4. Atmospheric circulation

Now, this is a little test to see who has signed up to receive the emails from the blog and secondly, who is actually reading the blog posts as I would like you to complete some HOMEWORK for next Wednesday and bring it with you.

I would like you to read through the two articles on the links below:

Met Office web link on land and sea ice interaction

Glacier Bay Alaska – Ocean currents influence on glacier development

Reading through the material above I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. How can changes in land and sea ice impact the climate? (Met Office publication)

2.How have ocean currents influenced the development of glaciers in Glacier Bay, Alaska?

A paragraph on each will be sufficient!

Mr Monteith






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