Year 13 Technological Fix

Please find a series of links below that relate to Thursday’s lesson on reasons for variations in technological access. If you get the opportunity, have a read before the lesson. If not, you are in a computer room for P4 so you will have the chance to look through these then…  (an interesting read!)


Plenty here to get you started, and a reminder that you should be completing wider reading around your subjects anyway! 🙂

Miss Mardell

Y13 – Tuesday 17th Jan

Hi folks,

I’m not in school today but attached is a PowerPoint that you should use to research ‘radical technologies’ to reduce the threat of energy insecurity. You have an ICT room booked for Thursday to complete this so just initial research to take place during P3 today, please (some of these are a little old now so by all means complete your own search instead of using the links provided!)

Lesson 16 Radical Technologies

Spread the word Y13…

Happy New Year all!

Just a quick one to ask you all to bring your Y13 files to the double on Thursday – this will be your last lesson before your mock and I want you to have all your materials with you.

Enjoy your last day off tomorrow, see you Thursday!

Miss Mardell

The Structure of China’s Oil Industry – Y13

Hi all,

Please find below a link to the paper on the role of China’s government in their oil industry. Pages of importance are 6 – 19.

I will give you some note headings in tomorrow’s lesson and you will get the opportunity to access this then, but if anybody fancies some bedtime reading…

See you tomorrow!

Miss Mardell