Y13 Pre-Release Additional Reading

Hi all,

I have put some additional documents into the Read Only drive for you to have a look at (particuarly looking at poverty, inequality and ecotourism in the region). Please take a look/a copy of each and have a ready, particularly with resits almost over and May half term coming up – you should be reading your notes, analysis and the pre-release itself on a regular basis!

Miss Mardell

Y13 Transoceanic Railway Links

Hi all,

A few useful links below for your SWOT analysis of the transoceanic railway links. Don’t worry if you don’t have much compared with the Panama Canal expansion/Nicaragua Canal – the railway seems to have been added for you to consider its costs/benefits in general as Honduras is the country they plan to get it to go through, but interesting synoptic links with the fact China is a major source of funds for the ‘potential’ project…….

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Pre-Release Clips

Hi all,

We are going to do some more analysis of the figures in the pre-release today, along with a SWOT analysis of each of the mega projects planned. I will go through this in today’s lesson, but getting ahead of myself by attaching this link – if you don’t like reading lengthy articles, the link is to a youtube channel created with the pre-release countries in mind…some videos better than others!

Unfortunately I can’t take credit for this but something to get you started as you’re getting a homework today 🙂


Miss Mardell

Y13 Pre Release (Figure Analysis)

Hi all,

Attached are the useful links for your figure analysis (updated on 06/04/17).

Useful links for figure analysis

If you want to go away and continue the analysis that is fine, but you also have next Thursday’s double to continue this rather lengthy process! Please remember we are going to be starting potential question breakdown shortly after Easter, so you must get as much prep done as possible.

Any questions, give me a shout.

Miss Mardell

Year 13: Pre-Release Development Theories

In case you need to refer back after today’s lesson, the link to the PDF is below.

Please make sure you do refer back to the pre-release material (answer Q1 & 2 on the back of your sheets – can any of the theories be linked with development of Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua? Do you think any of the countries could do with using these theories to help with their level of development?)

Lesson 2 Development theories




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