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Jane Austen and the new £10 note

This week, pupils were asked to nominate British authors who should be featured on a £20 note …

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Crimes Against Shakespeare …

If you know me, you know how much I like – no, am obsessed by – Shakespeare.  I’m such a fan that I’m currently reading one play per month until April 2020! So, imagine my horror when I saw this

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A rose by any other name …

… would smell as sweet, right?  Most of us, Shakespeare fans or not, will be familiar with Juliet’s line, telling us that names do not define what things -or people- are …

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Margaret Atwood writes fan fiction … of Shakespeare

Fan Fiction.  Margaret Atwood. Regular readers of these pages will know that as a pretty big fan of Atwood’s I might expect people to write fan fiction based on her worlds and characters, and yet her latest work, Hag Seed,

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Where to start with Shakespeare?

For ages I’ve been thinking of producing something like this (and indeed a similar version for science fiction), so I was simultaneously thrilled and jealous to find a flowchart which picks a Shakespeare play for you, based on your preferences.

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Open Evening update: The Great UVHS Shakespeare Quiz

During Open Evening last week many of you completed our Great UVHS Shakespeare Quiz, and it’s time to give you the answers – and to announce the winner. We asked (and if you want to test yourself the answers are

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New classroom posters

It’s not just the English blog that’s had a little attention recently … over the summer we try (and often fail) to do something to freshen up our classrooms.  This summer I was determined to do something to liven up C5,

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Forthcoming Events at Barrow Library

Barrow Central Library have a number of exciting events lined up for September … Now’s a good time for you to look at September’s Calendar on the blog, but details of a couple of favourite events appear below …  I

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Taking Author Worship Too Far?

We’ve all got our obsessions, and our favourites, be that authors, sportsmen, or other celebrities. Personally, I’ve got about 10 signed Terry Pratchett First Editions … and that’s ignoring the fact that William Shakespeare is my ‘bestie’, as most people

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Literary Anniversaries: 24 August

Today in 1977, John Green was born in Indianapolis. Green is probably best known for his sixth novel, The Fault In Our Stars (2012)  – which means that fans have another 5 to read whilst awaiting his next work!

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