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10 women who changed Science Fiction

It’s no secret that I am an avid Science Fiction reader, or that I really admire Margaret Atwood.  But she’s not by any means the only important woman writing in the field – SF is as much for, and by,

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Margaret Atwood writes fan fiction … of Shakespeare

Fan Fiction.  Margaret Atwood. Regular readers of these pages will know that as a pretty big fan of Atwood’s I might expect people to write fan fiction based on her worlds and characters, and yet her latest work, Hag Seed,

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Books to give you hope? The Handmaid’s Tale

  The Guardian are currently running a series of articles on ‘books to give you hope’ and the inclusion of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale caught my eye.  Whilst it’s a favourite book, it’s not one I would necessarily have

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Ulverston Book Club: Wednesday 20 July, 7:00pm

Just a reminder about this week’s Ulverston Book Club event.  In doing so, I am of course breaking the first rule of Book Club (ask Mr. Stubbert about this) …

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The Future Library Project

At first glance, the premise of this project sounds pretentious and arty:  a forest in Norway plants a thousand trees that will be used, in 2114, to print an anthology of books.  But then it gets interesting …

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Ulverston Book Club

Last night saw the first meeting of a new Book Club in Ulverston. From 7-9pm a small (but sure to grow) group of book-lovers swapped recommendations, talked excitedly about their favourites, and laid down some basic rules for how the

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Literally, Literary Cool … Intro

  Feeling a little mischievous, I recently described the Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood as ‘One of the 10 coolest people living today’ in a Year 10 resource I was writing.  This almost inevitably led to a lunchtime debate in the

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