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Jane Austen and the new £10 note

This week, pupils were asked to nominate British authors who should be featured on a £20 note …

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Feeling rejected? You’re in good company …

All creative writers are probably aware that JK Rowling was famously rejected many times – in fact, one publishing house advised her to get a day job, as she wouldn’t make any money writing children’s books …  the rest, as

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90% of YA fiction is rubbish: discuss!

A debate about ‘Young Adult’ fiction has been raging for days at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – we’d love to hear YOUR views on it  …

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Literary Anniversaries: 16 August

Today in 1949, Margaret Mitchell died in Atlanta, Georgia – the town of her birth, 49 years earlier. Only one of Mitchell’s novels was published during her lifetime, but what a novel it is:  the remarkable and memorable Gone With

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Literary Anniversaries: 18 July

Today we celebrate the anniversaries of two important writers whose lives overlapped by just six years. Firstly, Jane Austen died on 18 July 1817.  Fans should prepare themselves for a slew of celebratory events for her bicentennial next year!

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