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FREE AUDIO: A Streetcar Named Desire

You can access a BBC production of Tennessee Williams’ important play by clicking this link.  The link is valid until 24 April. A Streetcar Named Desire (one of our A Level texts) is on the surface a domestic drama – the

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Literary Anniversaries: 10 November

“He Who Marches Out Of Step Hears Another Drum” Back in September we celebrated the birth of Ken Kesey, author of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest‘.  Today, we commemorate his death in 2001. But we also have an important

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Literary Anniversaries: 01 November

Many red devils ran from my heart And out upon the page. They were so tiny The pen could mash them. And many struggled in the ink. It was strange To write in this red muck Of things from my

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Literary Anniversaries: 07 October

I can think of at least two films that honour today’s author by calling him Mister Edgar Allan Poe, who died today in 1849 at the age of only 40.  If you want to know which they are, I reveal the answers

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Literary Anniversaries: 24 September

I feel a bit of a fraud writing today’s anniversary post for F Scott Fitzgerald, born today in 1896. That’s because Mr. Martin (Head of English!) has an almost legendary love for the novel The Great Gatsby (1925), whilst to

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To Kill A Mockingbird at The Octagon, Bolton

Here’s an opportunity to go and see a performance of Harper Lee‘s much-loved classic, To Kill A Mockingbird:  a tale about innocence, about intolerance, and perhaps about growing up in an imperfect world and making choices about the kind of person

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Taking Author Worship Too Far?

We’ve all got our obsessions, and our favourites, be that authors, sportsmen, or other celebrities. Personally, I’ve got about 10 signed Terry Pratchett First Editions … and that’s ignoring the fact that William Shakespeare is my ‘bestie’, as most people

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Literary Anniversaries: 20 August

Today is one of those relatively rare days of the year when we can celebrate a birth and commemorate a death – both of these novelists are American, pretty much required reading within their genres, and both are favourites of

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Literary Anniversaries: 16 August

Today in 1949, Margaret Mitchell died in Atlanta, Georgia – the town of her birth, 49 years earlier. Only one of Mitchell’s novels was published during her lifetime, but what a novel it is:  the remarkable and memorable Gone With

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Classic Hemingway on the Radio

For a limited time – about three weeks from the time of writing this – you can listen to The Old Man and the Sea, via the BBC. Ernest Hemingway‘s deceptively simple tale seems to be about an ancient fisherman’s titanic struggle

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