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How well do you know your poetic devices?

I’m sure my students are completely fed up with hearing me bang on about ‘subject terminology’ – that special vocabulary, those names for writing tools, which are unique to the subject.  Thing is, they form part of the mark-scheme at

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The Science of Revision …

With mock exams coming up for Years 11, 12 and 13, this feels like a timely article from The Guardian. We all work in different ways, and you need to find a style that helps you.  Personally, I find writing

New English GCSEs: a guide for Parents and Carers

I genuinely enjoy Parents’ Evenings, and the Year 11 event held earlier this week was no exception:  well attended, and happily, with plenty of positives to report to the families of my class.

Calendar Update: essential KS4 dates

As the school year starts, it’s important for KS4 students AND parents to have an idea of how Years 10 and 11 will pan out. To both help with student time-management and assist parents in staying informed and supportive, I

Student Excellence: Dilna Francis-Byju (Y10)

But it was dark.  Not that I was scared, but I was weary.  My heart beat a little faster.  My mind started racing.  The sooner I got to my friends, the better. Like Tabitha Butler’s, published on 14 August, this

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GCSE Results Day

The doors of the Library have just opened for GCSE Results – you have until midday to collect them, people!

GCSE results tomorrow

I’m hoping that this picture doesn’t conjure too many nightmares for the ex-Year 11 students, but yes, it’s that nail biting time – for students and teachers alike.

Student Excellence: Tabitha Butler (Y10)

I do not know whether it is the cold or the smell of fetid leaves rotting by the side of the road that makes my nose sting … but I know that neither are what is making my hair stand

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Useful Links page is now up and running

The observant amongst you will have noticed a ‘Useful Links’ tab on the top menu of the blog for a couple of weeks now. Only the downright nosy will probably have realised that the tab is now active, and we are

Year 10 Practice Exam

Tomorrow morning, English kicks off the Year 10 Practice Exam season, and we wish all our students the best of luck.  Not that they’ll need it, of course … Students will sit a 1 hour 45 minute paper which tests their