Literary Anniversaries: 11 August

This is the cover I grew up with ...

This is the cover I grew up with …

Today marks the anniversary of the remarkably prolific Enid Blyton, author of over 600 children’s books!  She was born in 1897.

Blyton was fascinated with ancient myths and legends from Britain, Greece and Norse mythologies.  Some of my earliest personal reading memories are of the ‘Enchanted Wood’ series, loving the characters and adventures: little did I know that the Magic Faraway Tree (whose top was so high it connected with other worlds) is based on one from Norse Mythology …

She also raised a considerable amount of money for charity, not least for children.  At Great Ormond Street hospital there is an Enid Blyton bed.

One final remarkable fact about Blyton – she once wrote a 60,000-word book in just 5 days!


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  1. Eleanor says:

    I love The Faraway Tree! I even have a hardback that I got (with pictures) when I was really small!

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