Literary Anniversaries: 09 August

philip-larkin-quotes-3On this day in 1922 the poet Philip Larkin was born in the Midlands.

One thing that is indisputable is Larkin’s talent:  he wrote exceptional poetry from an early age, and notably turned down an offer of the job as Poet Laureate.

Larkin the man, however, has been difficult to define.  On his orders, his diaries were destroyed after his death.  Much has been made of his right-wing politics and apparent racism, although some researchers have found evidence to counter these claims.  He was also known as a womaniser, once juggling three relationships at the same time!

I chose the quotation on the image because this is what I sense in his work – a quiet regret, grief perhaps, expressed in simple terms and ordinary colloquial language, but powerfully moving nonetheless.


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